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A square peg in a round hole may be a misfit, but the reverse isn’t necessarily so; a round peg in a square hole fits quite nicely, and can be quite useful - for example, removable traffic bollards (they don't get jammed by gravel). And sometimes it pays to think further beyond the square – a round peg will fit quite neatly in triangular, pentagonal, and hexagonal holes too, but of course are not as practical.

Lateral thinking, a fresh approach combined with engineering expertise has enabled RoundPeg Innovations to come up with novel, practical solutions across a wide range of industries, as can be seen in our portfolio below:

If you'd like to know more about any of our projects or if you need an innovative solution to a problem you are welcome to contact us.

And if you are interested in any of our current projects (steel piles, pile testing, guard railing, steel girders, aircraft boarding, ergonomic bike seat, collapsible cable spools, swivel seat, and a radically different solar water heating system) , keep in mind that we are open to joint development, partnerships, licensing, etc...

Rob Wallace, F.I.E.A, Dip Mech. Eng. (RMIT 1966), has spent most of his career as a design engineer however he has also been an employee, consultant, entrepreneur, businessman, designer, engineer, innovator, inventor, problem solver, mechanical engineer and more...


A portfolio of Products, Projects, Processes, Machines, Bridges and some other interesting things

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Snow Blower

Pile Driver

Steel Piles

Guard Railing

Cherry Picker


Truss web Bender

Collapsible Cable Spools

Magnetic Stripe Machine

Credit Card Punching Machine


Swivel Seat - Easy Seat

Sports Coupe



Nut Sweeper

Grain Elevator

Hop Kilns


Easy Reach Dog Collar

Sheep Handling Table

Veterinary Ligature


Aircraft Boarding by Flying Carpet


Induction Bent Tubular Columns

The Bridgette Story

Stylish Footbridge

Quikdek Redecking System

Bat-friendly Bridgette

Modular Precast Bridge

Suspension Bridges

Top-down construction

Ten spans, Two weeks

Recycled Steel

Non-stop Traffic Construction

Composite Footbridge

Reinforced Earth Abutments

Bridge Kits

Precast Dam (plus a bridge)

Trailer Converts into Bridge


Aluminium Picture Frames

Tank Level Indicators


Bottle Opener and Pourer


Instant Yacht Rigging

Compact Chess Set

Current Projects

Steel Girders

Pile Load Tester

Solar Water Heater

Tow Coupling

Fishhook Tyer

Swivel Seat - Easy Seat Mark 2

Ergonomic Bicycle Seat

Solar Panel Clamp

Interesting Innovations

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