Easy Reach Dog Collar

Dogs carry so much bling on their collars these days – ID, Registration tag, etc., lots of weight hanging heavily below its neck. Then you have to grope and fumble amongst the bling to attach the lead. But here’s a simple solution – A small triangular ring on the opposite side of the collar. On top, standing proud, it's so much easier to reach clip on the lead. You don’t even need to get off your bike.

Voted by Rob’s wife as his most useful invention, this stainless steel ring makes attaching the lead much easier. As dog owners know, the normal terret (attachment ring) on a dog collar carries lots of “bling” – ID tag, registration number. The weight of the bling plus the buckle means it hangs below the dog’s neck which makes fumbling to attach the lead all the more difficult.

The simple expedient of attaching a separate triangular terret standing proud on the collar above the dog’s neck makes clipping the lead on and off a breeze.