Steel Piles

One of the most common foundations for buildings, bridges and other structures are piles driven into the ground, either concrete, timber or steel. Since there is a practical limit to the length of pile that can be manufactured, transported and handled, pile joints will always be needed.

Joining piles is an expensive procedure because it interrupts pile driving and causes costly delays. While it might be thought that steel piles may be readily joined by welding it actually takes hours – grinding bevels, multiple passes, distortion control, etc.. The X Pile solves this problem because additional lengths can be joined on in a matter of minutes. X Pile ends fit together neatly to form a lap joint, stronger than the parent metal. Bolting via the pre-punched holes is a quick and simple task, and for “belt and braces” engineers, fillet welding is an option.

Piles are usually supplied longer than is actually needed. This is because it they are quick and easy to shorten, but slow and costly to lengthen, so contractors typically add 10 to 15%. Excess cost is even greater as the discarded offcuts have to be disposed of. But, with the X Piles, the wastage is virtually eliminated.
No need to order excess length as it so easy to add another piece. And any offcuts are fully reuseable.