Snow Blower

This device converts a road grader into a versatile snow clearing machine. Overnight snow build up-on the road can be quickly cast aside into a windrow by the front mounted snow blade on its first pass, thereby opening the road to traffic. Later in the day the snow blower is powered up, scooping up the snow windrow, and throwing it far away from the road. This prevents the progressive build up of high windrows encroaching on the road during the snow season.

Completely self-contained, powered by an air-cooled VW industrial engine, the blower attaches to the grader main blade frame in place of its central blade. The existing blade mechanisms give total control of the position, height, offset, and angle of the blower. An “umbilical cord” connecting the blower to its control box fitted in the cab enables the operator to control blower functions – stop/start, speed, direction of throw.

Combining these functions avoided the need to import a separate snow blower from overseas, thereby doing the job at a fraction of the cost.