About Us

RoundPeg Innovations was founded by Rob Wallace in 2009 to continue the development of his own projects and on behalf of clients.

Some of these, such as steel piles, pile testing, guard railing and steel girders, stem from Rob’s experience in bridge design and construction.

Others came about from lack of experience! Not knowing much about a particular industry is sometimes an advantage as it can reveal aspects that have been overlooked or buried in tradition - "we've always done it this way".

Learning about all aspects of the problem from scratch, analysing and applying sound engineering principles often leads to a better solution. Indeed, this kind of fresh approach was the very reason Rob was engaged for some projects. Examples are: snow blower, credit card manufacture, numerous bridge projects.

Innovations lead to creation of wealth, whether in the form of an entirely new product, or by simple devices that make existing methods much more efficient. For example a couple of simple tools enabling the accurate positioning of heavy concrete deck slabs quickly and safely meant that bridges could be re-decked in a single day.

Rob Wallace, F.I.E.A, Dip Mech. Eng. (RMIT 1966), professional mechanical design engineer, whether as an employee, consultant, entrepreneur, businessman, has spent a lifetime solving problems, devising innovative solutions and more...