Ergonomic Bicycle Seat

Moves in harmony with your legs, no chafing or rubbing.

More and more people are commuting by bike nowadays, who need a comfortable seat while wearing ordinary clothes. The classic ever-narrowing saddle isn’t suitable, and despite strategic apertures, is uncomfortable and causes medical problems for both male and female cyclists.
Ever since the bike was invented, countless attempts to have been made to improve comfort – shaping, softening, springing, inflatable bladders, semi-liquid gels, and separate pads. Serious cyclists cope with the problem by wearing padded shorts but for the ordinary commuter riding to work, a comfortable seat is long overdue.

The fundamental problem is the trade-off between comfort and performance. Wide seats with bigger area are more comfortable but tend to obstruct leg movement and cause chafing.

The RoundPeg bike seat is wide and comfortable yet allows free and easy pedalling. No chafing, no callouses, no special clothing, cycle in comfort all day. A seat, not a saddle.

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