Collapsible Cable Spools

Spools – whether for wire, hose, chain, rope – they pop up everywhere.

Businesses and tradesman all have to cope with hundreds of empty spools. Ideally they should be returned for reuse, but being so bulky the transport cost rules this out. Usually they are thrown out and disposed of in land fill. Here’s a trailer load on its way to the tip.

But look how much less space the very same trailerload of spools could be reduced to if they are pulled apart and flattened.

Shouldn’t we all do this? How hard can it be?

It’s just a matter of pulling them apart. Maybe the flanges need to be cut first to make them easy to peel off, that is, if you’ve got strong fingers. Oh, sometimes they tear instead of peeling neatly. One down, one to go. Don’t even try peeling, just squash it. Jump on it. What a hassle, how frustrating, no wonder nobody does it. Surely there’s a better way.

There is – it’s the RoundPeg Spool – it’s novel design makes it easy to dismantle, and it stacks flat. Three cubic metres of empty spools that would normally fill an industrial skip can be reduced to 50 litres, more than 98% reduction in volume. It virtually eliminates the disposal problem. Better still, the spools can be reused. Being so compact, returning them to the supplier is no longer uneconomic. Reassembly is simple whether by hand or automatic machine. And they can be used over and over again.

A zero wastage solution.

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