Ten spans, Two weeks

Precast concrete Bridgette decks, supports and abutment walls enabled this 10 span bridge to be completed in 2 short stages.

Formwork and reinforcement for the footings were prefabricated and transported to the site, lowered into position into the freshly excavated foundations and filled with concrete. Two or three footings were completed per day, which enabled the 11 footings to be cast within a week. A couple of weeks later the superstructure was erected on the footings, again taking little more than a week.

Speed of construction is much more economical - if the crane and crew are only on site for a week or two, costs can’t "blow out". Other benefits are less inconvenience to the public, safety, less administration and supervision (often bridges can be completed before the first progress report is due). For this job in particular, it enabled the bridge to be constructed in mid-winter during short time windows of fine weather. A far cry from the several months needed for conventional construction.