Guard Railing

Bridges require rigid barriers. Standard W Beam guardrailing is not adequate whereas W BEAM PLUS provides a rigid economical solution.

Every country in the world has kilometre on kilometre of the familiar W Beam (Armco) guard railing.When struck by a vehicle the rail will flex and bring it to a gradual halt.

And what happens when the railing meets a bridge? The W beam stops, a different barrier continues across the bridge, then the W Beam resumes. This is because there just isn’t enough room, if the vehicle has to be prevented from falling over the edge the barrier has to be rigid.

Road engineers worldwide have struggled to resolve the problem of transition to from flexible to rigid guard railing, more often than not with little success.

RoundPeg Innovations has the answer to this problem with a rigid guardrail design which is simple, cost-effective, and which integrates seamlessly with standard W Beam.

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