This business was established by Rob Wallace following his invention of a new type of tank level indicator. Exasperated by having to check water levels in his concrete tank by climbing a ladder, Rob tried to buy a gauge from the local tank manufacturer only to be told that none were available. However, the tank manufacturer suggested that Rob should design and make one, and if satisfactory, there was a ready market. Judging by the number of ladders leaning against tanks, Rob figured that there really was a need and market opportunity, especially if the gauge cost less than a ladder.

The first design was a simple reverse-reading gauge, like many a backyard design, but a colleague insisted that this was not good enough, an engineer should be able to design a true-reading gauge.

Rob rose to the challenge, designed the Levetator, and in the space of 5 months had Yaktek Industries up and running, manufacturing and selling tank gauges. At first the emphasis was on direct sales by mail order, but gradually a clientele of trade outlets built up - tank manufacturers, pump shops and rural merchants.

Initially Yaktek Industries was just a small family business, a sideline, but it was quite profitable and provided employment for Rob’s two boys after school, and subsequently during their university vacations.

The business continued to grow, new gauges were added to the range, expanding its market throughout Australia, and export overseas.

It has since been sold to MBP Australasia who continue manufacture and market Yaktek level indicators alongside their comprehensive range of water related products.

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