Steel Girders

Much of the material in rolled steel I & H section beams is un-necessary. Open web girders and trusses are perfectly structurally sound, and the only reason rolled steel girders have a solid web is that it would cost more to cut out the un-necessary material.

Modern computer controlled laser and plasma cutting provides the means by which open web girders can be manufactured more economically. As well as less material the flat bar or plate from which the web and flanges are cut is inherently cheaper than rolled steel shapes.

RoundPeg has taken this further to fully exploit the possibilities enabled by this technique, eg. non-standard sizes, taper, pre-camber, curves. Asymmetrical or hybrid designs with different sizes and/or strength grades for top & bottom flanges are easily catered for.

More details can be provided to interested parties on a confidential basis (Non-Disclosure Agreement).