Stylish Footbridge

Curved steel lattice girders impart a graceful, slender appearance to this bridge over the Ovens River. Nevertheless the girders have sufficient strength to carry crowds of pedestrians plus heavy cement-lined sewage and other service pipes nestling between. An overall width of 3.3metres ensures that the bridge can be used by road vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances in an emergency.

60 metres overall length, the central span of 30 metres presents minimal obstruction to flood borne debris. This put the piers close to the banks, which enabled the precast pile caps to be constructed on driven steel piles, with minimal environmental disturbance.

Decorative steel guardrailing, bolted to the precast deck panels, terminated with expansion joints at the light standards, which mark the ends of the bridge.

Waldren Bridges proposal for design and construction was awarded in October 1994, and 12 weeks later the bridge was opened in January 1995. The bridge gained a merit award in the 1996 Australasian Steel bridge Awards.