Suspension Bridges

For the Hume and Hovell walking trail, crossing the Tumut and Goobarragandra Rivers was achieved by suspension bridges 60 and 52metres long. Both bridges were constructed a few years apart by Australian Army construction corps reservists as exercises. The bridge and its component parts were designed by Rob Wallace.

An attractive appearance was essential in this setting so much attention was paid to detail. Precast concrete components were used to make neat wire rope anchors and pole tower bases, and unobtrusive main cable/hanger connectors were fabricated from laser-cut blanks.

The diamond pattern guardrailing disguises the triangular panel bracing which effectively stiffens the deck, in order to minimize the undulation that occurs with most suspension bridges.

The Goobarragandra River bridge is unusual in that there is a height difference of several metres from the steep, high western bank to the low eastern bank, resulting in a deck slope of 7%.Towers at each end are identical so the bridge has a symmetrical appearance.