Solar Water Heater

Not just another system but a fundamentally different approach. When the fuel (sunshine) is free efficiency is not the main criteria. What really matters is keeping the installed cost to a minimum for a given amount of useful heat extracted.

So, instead of heading down the expensive “high-tech” road the RoundPeg hot water system uses low cost components. This is made possible by exploiting an aspect that hitherto has been overlooked in hot water systems. Because of this, the RoundPeg system performs better at the lower end, ie. under adverse conditions it will collect comparatively more useful heat. In fact, the colder the climate the better the performance, compared to conventional systems.

A further advantage is that it lends itself to being integrated with the roof. This simplifies installation, is less conspicuous, and eliminates leaf litter clutter with attendant corrosion and fire risks. Ugly appearance deters many would-be customers so this feature provides a definite competitive edge.

The fundamental design of the RoundPeg system includes several innovative features which as well as being patentable, significantly reduce manufacturing costs.

More details can be provided to interested parties on a confidential basis (Non-Disclosure Agreement).